Getting Started with Web Hosting

Every theme that is published for incorporation in the repo goes through this procedure:

  1. A motif gets uploaded.
  2. A style goes to the new theme line.
  3. A style gets designated a motif customer.
  4. The reviewer does a testimonial by inspecting the needed products as well as noting any type of referrals.
  5. When the review is done the testimonial is included in the style ticket.
  6. If all the needed items aren’t satisfied, the motif needs to not be accepted as well as left open in reviewing standing for updates.
  7. If a style ticket has no upgrade from the style writer for 7 days it might be closed because of lack of exercise.
  8. If a theme ticket has no upgrade from the theme customer within the first 2 days after the task, the writer can request that the motif is gone back to the line.
  9. Once a theme passes all needed checks, the customer marks the motif as accepted.
  10. When a motif is accepted the ticket will relocate to a brand-new line where a vital reviewer will certainly do the last review.
  11. If concerns are found throughout the last testimonial, the ticket will certainly be reopened and also the motif writer, and also customer asked to proceed with the testimonial.
  12. When no issues are located the ticket is marked live as well as the motif turns up on the repo and all updates to it after that is performed in the update queue.

Theme Upload Restriction 

  1. You are enabled to have only one motif in the queue in any way times. You would have to await new entry until your existing ticket is either live or closed.
  2. If your theme goes live before one month of entry then-brand-new limit will certainly be enforced. The writer can submit a maximum of 1 motif per month. Eg, if your theme goes stay in 1 week after the submission, you would have to wait 3 weeks for brand-new theme submission.
  3. The above guidelines will certainly not be applied in updates of styles that are already live in the directory site.

There are no exact time frames for the lines up. The more people we have evaluated, the much shorter the queues– you can discover even more about becoming a customer here.

Allotted tickets without feedback from either the theme writer or reviewer within 7 days will be closed or reapportioned to a new reviewer. Even if you simply update to state you will be not able to act for a few days, it is very important to keep connecting in tickets.


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