What is Amazon Web Services? How Does it Work?

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers cloud computing platforms and services to business across all industries. AWS is the most popular form of cloud computing that is available today, providing over 200 different services. During the early 2000s, the businesses depended on purchased servers that offered only limited functionality and steep prices. As the businesses grew, they required more servers and optimization, which proved inefficient and sometimes expensive.

AWS has become one of the best solutions for businesses which provides servers instantly along with various other workloads, storage options, and enhanced security measures.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a cloud service provider who can provide businesses with more storage and flexibility along with features that you find at a local data centre. AWS can provide high security, heavy computing capacity, and databased construction customizable for businesses in every industry. Today AWS offers over 200 different cloud services that you can purchase for pay-as-you-go basis. It means that you only pay for the services that you use. It works on a relative scale, so if you are not using the services, you will not be charged for it. Also, the more you use the services, the less you will have to pay per unit.

AWS has technically solved the problems for many big and small businesses who could not afford high price cloud services before to manage their business. Some of the advantages of using AWS include:

The applications run on a safe and reliable infrastructure which the businesses can trust.

The businesses receive greater scalability with on-demand infrastructure.

The design options allow businesses to customize their cloud services to permit large flexibility.

How does AWS work?

AWS is not a single platform and has many different services which have different roles in supporting all kinds of businesses. With the use of cloud computing technology, AWS is providing some of the essential offerings as mentioned below.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is used for internet back and provides the cheapest storage option in its category. Since the data is stored on the cloud, you can retrieve the data from almost anywhere while keeping high secure.

AWS Data Transfer Products

Data Transfer Products

This service by AWS is used for migration, data collection, and data transfer. The products provided by AWS Data Transfer Products allow you to collect and share data seamlessly. This also enables you to monitor the data in real-time for analytics.

Amazon EC2

This service provides secure and resizable capacity computers to fulfil the needs of all your needs. It helps the businesses to make web-scale cloud computing more accessible.

There are many other basic web services provided by AWS, such as Amazon SNS, Amazon KMS, Amazon Lambda, Route 53 then can help businesses to establish better management on the internet with unlimited options to choose from.

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